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This Is Alive and Well

by Dot Perisca

It is a great gift to name her again –

to let her be born once more –

her little feet taking enormous steps

a five, a six, a seven, and eight

then she crumbles and laughs

and tomorrow: forgets.

Letting her scrape her knees anew

dismissing old bruises, inviting the blues

crying out: more! if she’s hungry,

now unafraid to demand

having a new chance to look

over a cliff of some sort,

and to stand

the wind like a thousand kind hands



Dot Persica is a performer born in Naples, Italy. They are a co-founder of the queer collective Strasaffica*, with which they published their first short story in 2022. In life they sing, dance, translate, and agitate. You can follow Dot on Instagram @punktierung.

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