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by Angel DaCosta


I am Butch. Etched from the stone of the Dykes who came before me and paved the way.

I am the son of Earth & Fire. From the balance of ease and intensity, I was forged into flesh. 

I am a paladin for equality, striving to reconnect humanity with nature. 

I am the Divine Feminine. Peaceful and optimistic. 

I am a visionary. Original, open and approachable, pure and trustworthy. 

I am proud of who I am. Loud, powerful, confident, and sexual in nature.

I am Nature. There is beauty & goodness in me, and it is my duty to see it & trust it. 

I am physically perfect just the way that I am. Society’s standards are not my standards. 

I am the embodiment of harmony, grace, peace and strength. 

I am love. I live to love endlessly and serve those I love and the world we’ve been given.

I am Butch.

Angel Blaze DaCosta (he/they) identifies as a nonbinary, trans masc, butch lesbian. He is a loving husband in a monogamous t4t relationship of eight years and cat dad of four. He works in youth development, with a focus on LGBTQ youth and neurodivergence. They consider themselves an activist and advocate for racial justice, the LGBTQ community, and disabled people. Follow Angel on Instagram @gvthfvther and on TikTok @gothdaddy97.

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