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Come Ghazal

by Raina K. Puels


I know we should meet in public… but wanna come 

over? See if we talk as well in the flesh? Yes,come (; 

Foyer. Living room. Bathroom. Sorry it’s scum 

my. Kitchen. Ignore the moldy cucum 

ber. My bedroom’s down the hall… Welcome 

to my sparkly, purple wonderland! Wanna come 

sit on my bed? That’s my cat, Holcomb. 

She scares easy. If you’re lucky, she’ll come 

back. I know you’re a newcom 

er to this & I don’t wanna make you uncom 

fortable. So. What’re you into? I also love deep kisses & come
hither fingers. How’d you feel if we unencum 

bered each other of our clothes? Mmm, yes. Come 

straddle me. I never want you to feel a modicum 

of shame, or like you have to circum 

vent the truth if I’m not sufficiently succumb 

ing to your desires; my pleasure is always incum 

bent on yours. Aww, the cat did come 

back! Do you wanna keep petting her or slide up & come
sit on my face? 


                                                                      Oh my goddess, your moans make me come 

undone. I loved when you said: ‘Raina, no man has ever made me cum,
let alone cum & cum & cum.’

Raina K. Puels (she/her) is a queer/poly Boston-based writer, educator, & kinkster who really loves Lil Peep. She holds an MFA from Emerson College. You can read her writing in The Rumpus, PANK, Gay Mag, & many other places you can find on her website: Follow her on Twitter: @rainakpuels, or Instagram: @rainaaaaaaaaaa.

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