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Confessions Untold

by Kellen


I remember the cold nights, those when

The winds cried alongside my grief, curled

Up by the corner, trying to run from a hero

Turned rouge, the one who assured me

That my silence was better as he pressed his

Manhood against my innocence and bruises


I remember the sharp blades and blunt

Needles, on those blurry days, laying wasted

On the dark alleys alongside my haunting mind,

Numbing my emotions, trying to forget, sinking

Deeper in what seemed an endless hole, ghosts

Of the past crumbling on my back


I remember the cuffs of pain and anger,

Those that held my will bonded to the trail

Of death, on hypnotised rage, on the days

I could barely breath, still I said I was okay,

When they laid me to rest, I cuddled up with

The longing for a silence eternally


I remember when they cast me out, saying I

Was not like the other normal ones, when they

Squeezed my hand in public to see me flinch,

When they lit fires so tragic to burn me from

The inside, yet I was forced to weep in silence,

Denied of rights and a chance to be me


Sad, that all I can do now is reminisce, all

I do is hear them speak of how sorry a fate I

Was, how it could have been better if I said Something,

yet they bound spells of forceful

Silence, till I drowned in anguish on their watch,

Till my last plea was death and release

Kellen (she/her) identifies as pansexual and has been a poet for a long while. She began publishing her works online four years ago. Her art is her best form of expressing emotions or relaying a message on certain issues that arise around her. She runs a poetry page on Instagram, where she posts most of her work. She also has an active blog and a podcast. She is a student in the mojito of journalism studies. Follow her on Instagram @_kahlan_n and @poetrykahlan.

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