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by Hannah Karpinski


when you are the first sound of morning

your words ocean and I am weightless


when you look at me with your whole face

my shadow falls behind me


were a word a world I would live

on planet pleasure, olive, us


were a word a world I would universe

your name and orbit earlobe, elbow, belly


on Earth: of all my walks you are the subject

the thought of you balloons, the size

of a language I recognize but do not speak


in my first language

smok means dragon

cmok means kiss

może means maybe

sounds like ocean

Hannah Karpinski (she/her) is a lesbian writer and editor living in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal. Her work has appeared in Lemon Hound, Bad Nudes, Commo Magazine, and My Loves: Digital Anthology of Queer Love Poems (Ghost City Press), among others. She is currently the Publishing Assistant for Metatron Press. Follow her on Instagram @raunchy_lez and on Twitter @yer_dog.

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