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All Dykes Go to Heaven

by Taylor Ray

Even me,

Barely out in a nondescript month in 2023.

Feeling fortunate to be a freak, but the

Kind with a community.

Essentialism be damned.

All dykes go to heaven.


Beauty is in the eye

Of the dyke. She’s known beauty since at

Least age six,


In bed with a blonde best friend. They share a name, but that was it.

A heart harking for how lovely the blondes were, and

Never for herself. However—

Dykes never say never.


Good things come to dykes who wait,

Even if twenty-eight seems late to see

Your humanity.


The old adage says

Many dykes make light work.

I’m putting on my boots

As we speak.

Taylor Ray (they/them) is an emerging dyke, writer, and literary theory enthusiast. They recently relocated to Brooklyn from their longtime home state of Vermont. Follow them on Instagram @trayverified.

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