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From a Dream 

by Ayshe-Mira Yashin

you emerged into my life from a dream

a dream of Autumn forests

of Nicosia Autumn forests to which

I know that one day I’ll return


I lived the entire dream

in the moment of awakening

and waking up felt like a State Change

like the browning of Autumn leaves


     your hair      it smells      like Autumn

     your body     is reeking    of Autumn


     I’m trying to find              the chestnuts and cloves

     hidden in the hairs          of other girls


Ayshe-Mira Yashin (she/her) is a lesbian artist and poetess from Istanbul, Turkey, and Nicosia, Cyprus, currently based in Cambridge, England, and planning on studying art in London in the autumn. Her poetry explores her intersectional and hybrid identity as a Middle-Eastern lesbian of Jewish and Muslim heritage (and a practitioner of eclectic pagan witchcraft). Her written work is riddled with metaphors connoting pagan herbal correspondences, and is largely intertwined with her visual art practice, where she makes feminist sapphic illustrations and herbal collages. She is currently working on her first self-published illustrated poetry collection, which will be sold on her shop where she also sells handmade bookmarks, necklaces, stickers, zines, art prints, handmade notebooks, and her Sapphic Enchantress tarot deck. Follow her on Instagram @illustrationwitch to stay in tune with her art and poetry!

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