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We Regress Into a Harrowing World

by Dakota Sebourn


Sorrow seeps from my bones

as my sisters across the nation

cry out in pain (control the non-men)


I am beholden to my rage

and six cis religious bigots

are coming for me next (control the non-men)


We are a commodity

to be dealt with

as the cis man sees fit (control the non-men)


Let there be no peace for our oppressors,

for dead men reap no wombs.

Dakota Sebourn (she/her) is a writer and photographer from Seattle, Washington. She graduated from California Maritime Academy in 2019 studying international business and logistics. Dakota’s writing focuses on science fiction, sapphic fantasy, and poetry. Her photography concentrates on landscapes, portraits, and wildlife. The piece featured in this publication was fueled by the anguish and grief that she felt after the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade. Visit her on Instagram @dakotasebourn.

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