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Lady of the Dark Moon

by Zara Bosman


Hecate, the Lady of The Dark Moon

Goddess of the Crossways

Ghostly places where the barrier between worlds is thin

And shadows lurk on the threshold

Flanked by the black she-dog transformed from the Trojan Queen Hekabe

Who leapt into the sea after the fall of her city


The shadow self of Artemis

Daughter of Titans

The lady of wild things

Lover of the woods

And the untamed chase of the mountain’s breath

The sacred cypress, silver arrows and swift death

Zara Bosman is an advertising creative and writer based in London. Originally from South Africa, she started writing poetry at university in order to impress a love interest and has continued since. Her poems appear in the anthologies Hysteria 6, as well as Greetings, Unheard Of, and The Creative Collective Anthology. Follow Zara on Instagram @zarajbosman.

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