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Estou a Sentir Só Este Momento*

by Marina Carreira


like the nothing of a wave rolling ice blue

over sun-fucked sand and wet wet shell

like nothing in the way wind transfers verses

against blades, leaves lullabying ashes and dust


of erosion and drones; nothing like

the hooked breath of old books, pretty

words wailing in the hand of another ear 

before the line breaks and they fall deep


into the sound a cephalopod  makes

when our legs become their legs and we wrap

neck, waist and wrist, tangle into the bare

thread spread of land nowhere immeasurable,


a space between born and supermarket line

of lives we crossed through (eight billion bodies)

to find each other and did And a daffodil sighed

olive fields sung the whole world weeped


and wowed A bird of spun gold with freshly plucked

leaf in mouth as smooth as the way this nothing

feels, the slow burn of your belly across mine

in moan, infinitely cavernous in polite conversation

* title references a line in the song “Fala-Me de Amor”  by Portuguese rock band Santos & Pecadores

Marina Carreira (she/her/hers) is a queer socialist Luso-American poet artist from Newark, NJ. She is the author of tantotanto (Cavankerry Press, forthcoming 2022), Save the Bathwater (Get Fresh Books, 2018) and I Sing to That Bird Knowing It Won’t Sing Back (Finishing Line Press, 2017). Marina is a recipient of the Sundress Academy for the Arts Summer 2021 Residency fellowship. As a visual artist, she has exhibited her work at Morris Museum, ArtFront Galleries, West Orange Arts Council, Monmouth University Center for the Arts, among others. Keep up with her at

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